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    SANISPRAY HP 20 Corded Handheld Sprayer


    -Fine mist spray tip (313)

    -Medium and Coarse tips (515 & 619)

    -15" Spray extension

    -5 - FlexLiner Bags, Storage plug, Durable tool bag

    Spray up to 20oz per minute

    Finish Small Jobs Fast

    - Perfect for areas that require maximum portability

    Fill & Spray 42oz flexliner Bag System

    - Easily move from room to room

    - Spray in any direction (even upside-down)

    Adjustable Flow Control

    - Full range control delivers either complete coverage on specific objects or fine spray

    RAC X LP Tips

    - Reverse-A-Clean low pressure tips

    15 Gallons per week - Recommended

    Price: $908.00

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