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    SANISPRAY HP 65 Portable Hopper Sprayer


    - SaniSpray HP Gun

    - Fine mist spray tip (513)

    - Medium and Coarse tips (617 & 619)

    - 15" Spray extension

    - 1/4" 50' BlueMax Hose

    - 1/8"x 4.5' BlueMax II Whip Hose

    Spray up to 65oz per minute

    Pour and Go 1.5 Gallon Hopper

    - Delivers extended spray time and containment

    Extended Reach to Spray Anywhere

    - Add up to 300ft of hose to spray anywhere for high production applications

    Powerful DC Motor

    - DC motor with spark arrestor provides ability to spray alcohol based chemicals

    Adjustable Pressure Control

    - Full range control delivers even coverage on specific objects or areas fine misting

    ProX Airless Piston Pump

    Lightweight Sanispray HP Gun

    - Allows products to be applied faster to speed up disinfection process

    50 Gallon per week - Recommended

    **Compatible with List-N Disinfectants that meet EPA's criteria for use against Covid-19

    Price: $1,655.00

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