Germbusters antimicrobial technology effective against the spread of viruses

Published March 17th, 2021 by Germbusters

Lalo and Alex Bazan of Germbusters, have been working to keep businesses disinfected and safe during the ongoing pandemic.

Now the East County father/son duo is looking to provide the same services to schools and local businesses as they prepare to reopen for in-person learning and indoor dining.

Using antimicrobial products that attack and slow the spread of microorganisms like germs and viruses, Germbusters LLC sanitizes heavily touched areas such as door handles with a newly designed wrap that keeps the area germ-free for months. They also have an alcohol-free hand sanitizer.

“I think they are great for schools,” said Lalo. “The wraps are made for door handles, handled doors, and push doors – they are made specifically for application in high-density areas. There’s not always someone right behind them disinfecting those handles, so these wraps are infused with antimicrobials. They work 24/7 and last up to six months.”

Throughout the pandemic, the Bazans have been working to keep businesses like US Steel, Martinez Sheet Metal, Tu Jaliscos and Oakley Tavern safe. The ingredients in the hand sanitizer and other disinfectant products Germbusters uses are all FDA- and EPA-approved and have been proven to be effective against the most viruses. The antimicrobials attack germs and viruses at a physical level, instead of chemically, like most other disinfectants, allowing it to instantly kill microbes upon contact and continue to protect surfaces, even after people interact with that area.

Furthermore, the disinfectant is environmentally friendly and safe for animals and humans.

Lalo believes that the long- term protection offered by these products will be increasingly helpful in keeping people safe as East County businesses and schools reopen. By protecting areas that are commonly touched, like doors and light switches, the risk of germs being spread is reduced.

“What makes us different from everyone else is that I want to focus on lasting protections and help keep areas safer for longer periods of time,” Lalo continued.

For more information on Germbusters or their products, call 925-812-3103 or visit

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